Acquisition of Epichealth Medical Group

    Talem Medical Group is pleased to announce that on 6 December, 2021, we have acquired Epichealth Medical Group, a healthcare group in Victoria, Australia focusing on providing general practice medical services, to expand Talem’s footprint in the state of Victoria.

Reasons and Benefits of the Acquisition

    Established in 2019, Talem is a healthcare service group aiming at setting up a clinical network in major cities in Australia. Prior to the acquisition, Talem Australia has acquired 2 medical centres in Queensland and 1 medical centre in Western Australia in 2020.

    The Target Company, Epichealth, has a long-standing history in providing general practice medical services in Victoria, Australia for over 15 years. As at the date of the announcement, Epichealth operates 5 general practice medical centres in the name of “Epichealth Medical Clinic”, and 1 GP-led Respiratory Clinic (“GPRC”) funded by Commonwealth of Australia in the name of “Bellarine Respiratory Clinic”. Epichealth engages over 50 health professionals and doctors. The 5 Epichealth Medical Clinics and the GPRC are supported by Epichealth’s Head Office located in Melbourne CBD. The GPRC co-locates with one of the medical clinics.

    Upon the acquisition, Talem will expand from a network of 3 medical centres to 8 medical centres and 1 GPRC, increasing Talem’s market share in the primary healthcare sector. Besides, the GPRC would be expected to provide a strong source of income during COVID-19 by offering COVID tests and COVID vaccinations.

    Dr. Clark Cheng, Executive Director of Talem said, “Talem is always committed to investing in healthcare medical centres to provide high quality and bespoke outpatient clinical services. This acquisition marks Talem’s entry into the state of Victoria, and is well aligned with the group’s objective to expand its clinical network in different major cities in Australia.”

    Mr. Matthew Wong, Executive Director of Talem said, “After this acquisition, Talem will be able to leverage on the resources pipeline of Epichealth to access to further acquisition opportunities in the state of Victoria. Talem will also look into expansion opportunities in other major cities including Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, etc.”

New General Practitioners at Superclinic Midland

Superclinic Midland is happy to welcome 3 new GPs:
Dr. Naeem Shoukat, Dr. John Baker and Dr. Amber Pacione

Dr Naeem is an experienced general medical practitioner with over twenty years of postgraduate experience. He completed his training in general practice in the UK and obtained CCT and MRCGP. He moved to WA in 2018. Before relocating he has worked in different hospital specialties including emergency medicine, general medicine, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, care of the elderly, oncology, plastic surgery, paediatrics, orthopaedics and obstetric and gynecology. He has a very friendly and approachable manners that puts patients at ease.

Dr. Naeem has commenced practicing at Superclinic Midland in late Sep, 2021.

Dr. John Baker is a graduate of University of Western Australia. He has over 40 years experience in General Practice. Dr. John is Interested in all aspects of both men’s and women’s health.

Dr. John has commenced practicing at Superclinic Midland in late Sep, 2021.

Dr. Amber loves all aspects of General Practice which is why she chose to specialise as a GP. She is passionate about preventative medicine and holistic care combining lifestyle changes with appropriate medication in managing chronic health issues and getting to know patients and their needs. She is passionate about Women’s Health and sexual health. She can do implanon insertion and removal. She also prescribes PrEP. She has her Postgraduate Diploma of Child Health from USyd. She is experienced in Remote/Rural healthcare and Aboriginal Health.

Dr. Amber has commenced practicing at Superclinic Midland in late Sep, 2021.

COVID-19 Response

Superclinic Midland and Complete Care Doctors offer Pfizer Vaccines

In 2021 Jul, the Australian Government has secured an additional 85 million doses of Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccines, which brought Australia’s total Pfizer doses to 125 million. Department of Health invited clinics to receive a Pfizer allocation. Superclinic Midland and Complete Care Doctors have been newly approved as Pfizer vaccine providers. Both clinics will be administering Astrazeneca vaccines and Pfizer Vaccines to eligible individuals. To date, the clinics have administered over 2,300 Astrazeneca vaccines and 3,100 Pfizer Vaccines in total.

Talem Medical Group’s Expansion Plan

    Talem Medical Group continues to look for medical practices listings

    After setting foot in Australia with 5 clinics in Victoria, 2 clinics in Queensland and 1 clinic in Western Australia, Talem Medical Group continues to actively look for expansion opportunities. Other than Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, the Group is looking to expand in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.